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how many badass movies are there

Spiritus Sancti. Amber invites Frank over for a home-cooked meal, and Frank gets all dressed up for it. The first of the Rambo movies, First Blood is actually a different kind of Rambo movie. Similarly to Super, Kick-Ass is another dark superhero action comedy featuring a badass female superhero: Hit Girl.

Panther is arrested, as is Mayor Williams when his connection to Panther's scandal is revealed on the news. The editing and sound creation work is almost miraculous: you always know what is happening no matter what. Ichi, the most deranged delusional psycho-killer is one of the more unique films around. [1] The film has been sold to Wild Bunch for distribution in Germany and to Pinnacle Films for distribution in Australia. A sequel 20 years in the making, Rambo exploded onto screens in the winter of 2008 and Generation X rejoiced as their childhood hero, John Rambo, retuned for one more mission deep in the Southeast Asian jungle. Any movie sites similar to BirthMoviesDeath/Badass Digest? Frank Vega (Danny Trejo) is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who had led a difficult life. Any movie that kills of Ben Affleck can’t be all bad. Point is, it's pretty hard to find older women playing heroes in movies, because it's pretty hard to find older women starring in movies period. But, of those 100 films, only 11 featured a woman lead or co-lead who was 45 years old or older. If the plot doesn’t sound completely ridiculous and awesome, the cast certainly is. The film is a blistering ballet of bullets and blood, with dames and danger at every turn.

We had to have a Kurt Russel film here somewhere. First, Quentin Tarantino is definitely badass, so you know one of his films has to crack this rundown. Filled with grandiose fight scenes and blood literally splattering across the screen, Gladiator also tells the story of a general sold into slavery and who eventually works his way back to Rome by becoming a badass gladiator. Let me introduce you to Gun Kata.

All rights reserved. What constitutes as “badass” can differ from person to person, not even in a subjective sense but in an interpretational tense. With an equally-beloved sequel (Love Song of Vengeance), the impact of Lady Snowblood only gets stronger and stronger, perhaps through its boldness. The third installment in the successful Bad Ass action-comedy franchise. I will never understand how so much chaos can go on for so long and all make sense. [1][2][3] It is loosely based on the viral AC Transit Bus fight viral video. He saves the missionaries and drops them upstream in a small village, but not before the head missionary rebukes Rambo for his violence. You’ll probably remember it most, however, for its graphic and inventive torture scenes. It’s not for the faint, as it gets pretty twisted and disturbing along the way. Stallone tries to call off his backup as he chases a tanker truck. You don’t understand how serious this is. According to the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, of the top 100 domestic grossing films of 2018, 40 were woman led or co-led, which showed an increase. If you hadn’t had the opportunity to watch Smokin’ Aces yet, then do yourself a favor and get that popcorn popping!

He looks cool, he loves dogs, and he doesn't get paid by the hour so he's efficiently deadly to a terminal degree. Yes, there certainly are. It’s freaking badass. Jason Bourne kills a man with a magazine. Don’t be worried hwoever, there are plenty of swords slicing, bullets blazing, or good old fashioned martial arts. Together Tango and Cash make unlikely partners forced to work together when they are framed by a drug lord played by Jack Palance and sent to maximum security prison. But it still was a bad ass movie if you’re willing to make a suspension of belief here and there. Sure, there are better action movies out there. Without being anchored around the whole action thing, there will be other factors to these ten films that elevate them above just being exciting flicks. 300 Spartans set off on a suicide mission to battle thousands upon thousands of Persians against impossible odds. Gene Hackman makes every movie seem better than it is. Rambo, a Medal Of Honor winner for his badassery in Vietnam, promptly escapes the small town jail by overpowering the entire police force, including one cop played by a young David Caruso, and flees into the dense mountain forest surrounding the small Washington town. Bad Ass was very loosely based on the AC Transit Bus fight, which was filmed by a bystander and became a viral video on YouTube. However, many movie stars past and present don't have to pretend to be badasses. 10. Click here to login or here to sign up. Rambo’s heyday may have been in the 1980s, but the latest installment doesn’t disappoint with this one man killing machine. You can review our cookie policy to learn more. But, because it's still Hollywood, the majority of movies about women are specifically about young women.

Taken is admirably in-your-face, satisfyingly blunt and a blur of fighting, fear, chasing and excitement at serious pace.

Plenty of gunfights are present, and it shows Hong Kong still leads the trend in innovative action film-making. Remember that Clive Owen plus trenchcoat corollary?

Two sequels have been released. So I couldn’t leave him off this list. He may very well be death personified. Either way, here are ten of the most badass films of all time.

There’s something truly cool about having balance. Frank takes them both to a pawn shop where the shopkeeper (Duane Whitaker) tells him it belongs to a man named Terence (Erik Betts), whose wife's picture is in the pendant. But, I mean, overall, you are rooting for the thieves, including the ringleader played by Viola Davis, who was 53 at the time of the film's release. The movie opens with Stallone, as Detective Ray Tango, dressed in an Armani suit and speeding down a desert highway in Cadillac Allante. There’s not a ton of violence, but there’s some ultra cool about a man who can con a con man while working though some on Mamet’s trademark badass dialogue.

Violence, gore, cursing, and multiple headshots, yeah they’re here too. This is about the movies where his comically large muscles and endless quips are the real stars. What is “badass”? Frank decides to solve the mystery himself, and investigates the alley where Klondike was shot. Granted, it is a somewhat specific category, but the list of movies about men of a certain age is much, muc longer. By Lia Beck.

Then again, that worked for Machete, so why couldn't it kick-start Bad Ass, as well? We’re looking at films with at least some action or tension, because the reactions these films elicit stick with you for an eternity. This is Sparta! Aquaman is — though it goes without saying — about a man. Overview Bad Ass is a 2012 American action film written & directed by Craig Moss, the film stars Danny Trejo, Charles S. Dutton, and Ron Perlman. Never mess with someone who can drop you with his gun from miles away.

By continuing to use TMDb, you are agreeing to this policy. Enough said.

that’s present here. Irish mob movies don’t get much better than this 1930s gangster flick. With Ellen Ripley remaining the sole survivor, we’re happy that anyone made it out at all. Based on the manga by Kazuo Koike, this adaptation uses the medium of film to not just mirror the visual splendor the source material had, but enhance it as a moving picture. Before confronting Panther, Frank saves Amber and Martin from their abusive husband/father and ends up becoming their neighborhood friend. But they just missed this list. Halle Berry engages in a car chase while pursuing her kidnapped son and, accidentally, seeking justice for other kidnapped children, as well. Violence and mayhem litter the plot as criminals engage in wild shootouts and murder sprees over several days.

Like Ocean's 8, the widows in Widows aren't exactly heroes. The sole point of the movie is a bunch of hitman attempt to pour pour boxes of bullets into one man, played by Jeremy Piven. Seventy-year-old superheroes! Reviews of the film were mostly negative, with some news articles wondering if the film was actually real or a hoax. That’s when the world asked the question, what would Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Balboa do? There’s only one gunfight in the picture, but it is worth the wait and it makes you hearken back to stuff from Sam Peckinpah or Clint Eastwood. Finally, his old commanding officer, played by the great Richard Crenna, flies in to talk Rambo off the cliff and eventually Rambo turns himself in, but not before he gets the ultimate revenge on Teasle like a total badass.

Panther escapes but Frank gives chase. They are about to kiss when Martin, Jr. walks in on them, so they do not. Michael Mann directed Collateral, and you can see that this is the same man that brought us awesome movies like Heat. There is some cohesion here, though. He can kill his at-large older brother Arthur or else captured younger brother Mikey will die at the end of a hangman’s noose. But his good fortune suddenly turns for the worse when his best friend is murdered and the police aren't doing anything about it. Klondike goes out one night for cigarettes and is murdered in a dark alley by two thugs, leaving Frank heartbroken. July 1, 2019. In fact, Tyler Durden is a force that we all know could be out there somewhere just doing whatever it is Tyler Durden does. The Boondock Saints is the ultimate triumph of style over substance.

But that’s not even the best part, because the movie hasn’t introduced his fellow cop, Gabe Cash, played by the great and awesome Kurt Russell, and everyone knows you don’t tussle with Kurt Russell. The majority takes place on a dusty, Mars-orange road. In the end, there can be only one, so it’s literally survival of the fittest. The choreography is something from out of a dream. Older.

It’s even got a full-on YAY AMERICA music video in the middle of the movie featuring James Brown being completely awesome while he sings and dances his patriotic ass off, performing his song “Living In America.” Rocky IV is Rocky in peak form and walking proof that in the mid-'80s, Rocky and America were completely badass. Teaming up Christopher Walken and Denzel Washington in a movie is never a bad thing. He is shocked multiple times, like he was in Vietnam, but Frank still refuses to surrender the flash drive. The first, Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses, was released in 2014, and co-starred Danny Glover.

A Touch of Zen is also ambitiously long at three hours and split into two parts. I can’t call it for you. From the jump, you know that Tango & Cash is going to be pure badass Sylvester Stallone. After breaking into her house, he finds Terence and tortures him for information about his boss (who ordered Klondike's murder) by sticking Terence's hand in the kitchen's garbage disposal.

Teasle is a no-nonsense American patriot who doesn’t like the cut of Rambo’s jib, so he drives him out of town and tells him to get lost. Or in ultra-violent hand-to-hand combat. Aliens is a unique kind of sequel that doesn’t just efficiently carry on a story, it flat out found a new way to tell it. It’s by Martin Scorcese, need I say more? Who does this guy think he is anyway? And he will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. If you can get past the choppy, dizzying editing you can see Knightley play a cocky badass. Let’s stop ourselves and not look deeply into this, because that’s part of what makes something “badass”; you feel it immediately, and that’s all there is to it. Jason Statham pretty much lives on this type of movie, and the Transporter is him at his action-packed best. Fury Road just works in every way.

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