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Matt Warburton of Emdoubleyu Design specializes in visual identity and corporate communications for both private sector companies and government corporations. The uptake of many drugs can be measured in the patient’s blood and also in the ‘interstitial fluid’ that surrounds active skin and sub-dermal cells. The revolutionary MNIP technology had its early origins in Stoeber’s work as a PhD student in Berkeley, California in 1999 where he developed a silicon-needle design. There’s incredible compact 1000 lumen headlights available for around $100 that charge through the USB port on your computer. Campany adds that “to have access to world-class facilities, enables us to perform our research and clinical development activities as though we were a much larger company.” Dr. Mehrsa Raeszadeh, director of manufacturing, adds that their UBC location is ideal at this stage in their growth because in part, they have access to an in-house entrepreneur at HATCH who acts as a sounding board and helps the team with developing “big picture ideas”. When the project got the green light, Warburton decided to feature two produced in Canada motorcycles on the stamps: The 1908 Canadian Cycle and Motor Company (CCM) and the 1914 Indian. Microdermics Inc.: Dr. Boris Stoeber, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer; Dr. Urs Häfeli, Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer; Dr. Iman Mansoor, Co-founder, Vice President of Engineering and Innovation; Sahan Ranamukharachchi, MASc, Co-founder, COO and Vice President of Research & Development; Dr. Mehrsa Raeiszadeh, Director of Manufacturing; Pranav Svrestha, Research Assistant; Kimberly Feng, Research Assistant. The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility, Zero Emission Building Exchange (ZEBx) Partnership, The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility, Application form for the Sustainability Student Network.

In 2007 Iman Mansoor joined Stoeber as a UBC MASc student; he’s now a company co-founder and VP of engineering and innovation. Nothing to Fear: UBC Entrepreneurs Take Sting out of Needles. Matt Warburton is the founder and co-principle of Emdoubleyu Communications + Design, a Vancouver-based studio. Likes to organize things and get people to collaborate. Trail runner and newbie mountain biker. “I’ve been a motorcyclist all my life,” says Warburton. He is currently serving as National Ethics Chair. Rather than subject the patient to repeated hypo-trauma and anxiety, microneedles take far smaller, far-less invasive samples of easily accessible interstitial fluid; less than one nano-litre (one-billionth of a litre) per draw is enough to do what Stoeber calls a “significant test of the concentration” of the target drug: “This makes it very convenient to just take that [for analysis] instead of a blood draw.

To needle-fearing patients, the pad-like Microneedle Injection Platform (MNIP) looks benign and the injection/application feels painless. Many of these drugs, such as antibiotics, must be administered in repeated patient-specific doses, carefully monitored, analyzed and adjusted via what Stoeber calls repeated “blood draws” done via hypodermic syringe.
Designed by / sketchbook5 board skin. About a year ago Grant Campany, former FDA ‘entrepreneur in residence’ and now Microdermics CEO, brought more than two decades of innovative, startup fund-raising skills to the mix. Microdermics Inc. ‘needle-like structures’ also sub-millimetre in length but with real differences: the hollow metal tubes are just long enough to “disrupt” or puncture the skin’s tough, dead outermost layer, the stratum corneum, and efficiently deliver the goods without activating the nerve/pain receptors and blood vessels just underneath. “We got a lot of interest after we won the prize,” says Stoeber. We are 21st century communicators. UBC Public Affairs In this series, we invite you to meet the people of UBC. Welcome to the Psychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Laboratory (PEHPA Lab). The university attracts 58,284 students from across Canada and 140 countries around the world to two major campuses. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. While modern medical needles may be wonders of minimalist function, their shape entering the skin’s surface like a good-willed mosquito is, for many, a terrifying sight.

For more information, visit:, Find other stories about: Canada Post, Communications and Marketing, graphic design, Matt Warburton, motorcycles, stamp collecting, stamps, Heather Amos Advocate for Vancouver’s rainy days. Loves wilderness atop a mountain or amidst a coral reef. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), We inspire. © 2020 Architecture & Design Film Festival All Rights Reserved. Building on training in traditional typesetting at Typsettra and identity/communications design at Gottschalk + Ash, he moved west in 1989 where worked with Herrainco Design Associates before forming Emdoubleyu Design in 1997. Explore their stories, what it takes and what they’ve learned along the way. Add the risk of post-application infections and the consequences are dangerous or even fatal. University of British Columbia. 1. Journalism plans veered into a marketing career. An information source that gives journalists access to UBC’s expertise., Durham College Graphic Design 3-year Diploma, 1983.

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