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He was again wounded. En 1808 fue nombrado gobernador de Erfurt y Conde del Imperio, y en 1809, tras mostrar un brillante coraje en Wagram, fue promocionado al rango de Mariscal. His father was brewer, farmer and distiller of brandy in Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine. Oudinot was the son of a businessman. Continuó su servicio con distinción en la frontera alemana bajo el mando de Hoche, Pichegru y Moreau. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole. His last active service was in the French invasion of Spain in 1823, in which he commanded a corps and was for a time governor of Madrid.

Frequently, however, a general is a staff officer who does not command troops but who plans their operations in the…, Army, a large organized force armed and trained for war, especially on land. Tuvo un mando importante en Leipzig y durante la campaña de 1814. He held important commands at the Battle of Leipzig and in the campaign of 1814.

Nicolas Charles Oudinot (Bar-le-duc, 25 de abril de 1767-París, 13 de septiembre de 1847), Duque de Reggio y Mariscal de Francia, fue un militar francés.
Estuvo presente con Massena en la defensa de Génova, distinguiéndose además en la batalla de Monzambano, por la que Napoleón le entregó una espada honorífica.

He was the beau-ideal of an general, energetic, conversant with detail and in battle as resolute and skillful as any of Napoleon's marshals. Resultó herido varias veces, además de hecho prisionero en una ocasión en 1795. He served through the later campaigns of Napoleon, 1809–1814, and was promoted to major in 1814 for gallant conduct. Oudinot was the son of a businessman. LinkedIn è la rete professionale più grande al mondo utilizzata dai professionisti come Nicolas Oudinot per trovare collegamenti che possano segnalare candidati, esperti e business partner. One of the most wounded men involved in the Napoleonic Wars, Nicolas Oudinot suffered no fewer than 22 …
After serving as administrator in Holland (1809–12) and fighting in the Russian campaign, he was badly defeated in 1813 at Grossbeeren, Prussia, after which he was superseded by Michel Ney. Biografía del Mariscal Oudinot en el portal Napoleón Bonaparte,, Grandes cancilleres de la Legión de Honor, Militares de Francia en las guerras napoleónicas, Caballeros comendadores de la Orden Militar de Guillermo, Caballeros de la Orden del Espíritu Santo, Condecorados con la Gran Cruz de la Orden Militar de Max Joseph, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores VIAF, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores ISNI, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores BNF, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores GND, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores LCCN, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores NLA, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores SNAC, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores BPN, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. He was present under Massena at the Siege of Genoa, and so distinguished himself at the Battle of Monzambano that Napoleon presented him with a sword of honour (an especially uncommon award replaced later by the Légion d'Honneur). Visualizza il profilo professionale di Nicolas Oudinot su LinkedIn. His corps was instrumental in building the bridge over the Berezina that allowed the evacuation of troops after the defeat at the Battle of Berezina. He decided upon a military career, and served in the regiment of Medoc from 1784 to 1787, when, having no hope of promotion on account of his non-noble birth, he retired with the rank of sergeant.

He served in Spain in 1823 and was governor of the Invalides (veterans’ hospital) from 1842 until his death. The table provides a list of the major rulers of…, General, title and rank of a senior army officer, usually one who commands units larger than a regiment or its equivalent or units consisting of more than one arm of the service.

Fue reemplazado por el Mariscal Ney, pero este último fue también derrotado en la Batalla de Dennewitz. In 1784 … Updates? He was André Masséna's right hand all through the Swiss campaign of 1799, first as a general of division, then as chief of staff, and won extraordinary distinction at the Second Battle of Zurich.

After the French Revolution, however, he became the leader of Meuse volunteers (1792) and was transferred to the regular army the following year, rising to general of brigade (1794) for his heroic resistance at Kaiserslautern. In 1784 he joined France’s royal army but, since commoners were barred from promotion, resigned in 1787. Nicolas Charles Oudinot, 1st Count Oudinot, 1st Duke of Reggio (25 April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc – 13 September 1847 in Paris), was a Marshal of the Empire. Fue nombrado inspector general de infantería, y con el establecimiento del Imperio obtuvo la Gran Cruz de la Legión de Honor, pero no figuraba en el primer nombramiento de mariscales. Procedente de una familia burguesa de Lorena, nació en la localidad de Bar-le-duc. Tras la abdicación de Napoleón, se adhirió al nuevo gobierno y fue nombrado «Par de Francia» por el Rey Luis XVIII. Nicolas Oudinot. Desempeñó un papel relevante en la guerra de 1805, comandando la famosa división de los «granaderos de Oudinot», formada por tropas seleccionadas y organizadas por él, con las que alcanzó los puentes de Viena y recibió una herida en Hollabrünn, y con las que participó de forma decisiva en la victoria de Austerlitz.

Following Napoleon’s abdication in 1814, Oudinot rallied to Louis XVIII, remaining loyal to him during the Hundred Days (1815). Su gallarda defensa del pequeño fuerte de Bitsch, en los Vosgos en 1792, centró la atención sobre él, siendo transferido al ejército regular en noviembre de 1793. His gallant defense of the little fort of Bitsch in the Vosges in 1792 drew attention to him; he was transferred to the regular army in November 1793, and after serving in numerous actions on the Belgian frontier he was promoted general of brigade, in June 1794 for his conduct at the Battle of Kaiserslautern.

His father was a brewer, farmer and distiller of brandy in Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine. Nicolas Charles Oudinot, 1st Count Oudinot, 1st Duke of Reggio (25 April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc – 13 September 1847 in Paris), was a Marshal of the Empire. Nicolas Charles Oudinot was the son of Nicolas Oudinot and Marie Anne Adam, the only one of their nine children to live to adulthood. Nicolas Oudinot. Nicolas Charles Oudinot, 1st Comte Oudinot, 1st Duc de Reggio (25 April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc – 13 September 1848 in Paris), was a Marshal of France.

In 1807, he participated in Joachim Murat's victory in the Battle of Ostrolenka in Poland and fought with resolution and success at the Battle of Friedland. Nicolas was a great general. The term may be applied to a large unit organized for independent action, or it may be applied to a nation’s or ruler’s complete military organization for land warfare. [1], From 1810 to 1812 Oudinot administered the government of the former Kingdom of Holland, and commanded the II Corps of La Grande Armée in the Russian campaign. Oudinot is one of the Names inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe, Eastern pillar Columns 13, 14. Under the Fifth Republic, France’s current system, the head of state is the president, who is elected by direct universal suffrage.

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