Travel to Istanbul

The rhythm of the ancient Byzantine capital

We offer you to discover the thousand facets of this city ; its historical monuments, its magnificent Bosphorus and its night life for it considered as one of the most intense and fashionable city in Europe. In addition to hammam, restaurants and all the folklore, live the traditional circuit to live as a real Istanboulist. VISIT ISTANBUL TOURS

For many centuries the capital of the civilised world, Istanbul,remained the heartbeat of Turkey. It’s glorious metropolis with 12 million residents, and impressive setting straddling Europe and Asia, combines with an unchallengeable place in its history, folklore, commerce and culture. Although it’s packed, pungent and polluted, the Bosphorus strait which connects The Black sea and The Marmara Sea, and the golden horn, affilates with the fresh-water estuary and help the visitors to maintain the sense of openness for thousand years especially before the construction of the bosphorus bridge in1973. Before 1973 the only way to go between the European and Asian parts of the city was by boat. A second bridge was completed in 1988, a third is planned and a metro is being developed.

Also don’t forget to visit the church of St Sophia that was built in 548 and appreciate the fabulous blue mosque.

During the night you can discover another world and you could never imagine that before arriving into Turkey. The Istanbul night life is in perpetual effervescence with full of fashionable places, restaurants, barsand discos to respond all your wishes and your needs.

Discover the different ambiance of the city with the Bosphorus style or Taksim place and its surroundings,Taksim is the heart of the city and the mixing of many cultures.

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