Gallettes des Rois Tradition

What is Gallette des Rois in France? What is the tradition behind Epiphany?

The Epiphany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the Messiah came and incarnate in the world and who receives the visit and the homage of the wise men. It takes place on the 6 January or on the second Sunday after Christmas. In France it is celebrated since since 1802.
The party is also called “Theophany”, which also means “manifestation of God”.
Different customs are observed on this occasion. In France, since the middle ages, a ‘cake of the Kings’, -Galette des Rois- cake containing a bean, is shared so far one who finds the bean in its share of galette is nicknamed ‘King ‘.
What is a Galette made of?
A good crunchy pastry melting under the tooth. Then cream almond. You can find chocolate cake form or even salty galette. You pick your share blind, expect to find the bean to be the king. Here are the best galettes of 2017 in Paris.

Galette des Rois Azur by Pierre Hermé
At Pierre Hermé, one marvels with the cake of Kings Azur, a divine cake with crispy puff pastry, in the heart composed of a slight yuzu and mesmerizing chocolate ganache almond cream.
Galette des Rois aux noisettes by Yann Couvreur
The Goncourt Baker inaugurates its first season with two different propositions. The classic and delicious cake frangipane with almond, caramelized pastry and frangipane with roasted almonds. And on the other, our little crush, the cake of the Kings to hazelnuts, which replaces the almonds with Roasted Hazelnuts.
Galette des Rois salted by Gontran Cherrier
This year, the galette of Gontran Cherrier comes at happy hour. It’s good for an original cake of Kings salty to flour of rye and the duo ham and smoked beef of the House Verot. With the cake of the Kings of Gontran Cherrier, no need to wait for the dessert to find his Queen.
Galette Hommage à la Mère Debray
The pastry chef of Montmartre, Gilles Marchal imagine a cake in the form of tribute to the rue Lepic to the Epiphany. The galette of the mother Debray, a foliation that cracks in such delicate lace and, inside, a cream almond boosted by a few drops of aged rum from Trinidad. A few Orange, grapefruit and candied Citron rinds come to conclude this beautiful set.
Galette Polonaise au Cédrat by Claire Damon
Under the pastry Golden caramel hides a vanilla cream. Inside of this creamy dress hide small beads of tender almond cream, citron and fruit candied, lemon, fig, cherry and angelic Auvergne. The must? The Crown of the Kings made by hand, manufacturing made in France that most never will be envious.
Gâteau des Rois by Cyril Lignac
The pastry Cyril Lignac, greedy trio for the Epiphany cake with almonds, intense Gianduja cake and cake of the Kings, the scent of the South. A brioche cake generously fed the flower of orange blossom, pistachio and candied fruit. The whole covered with sugar and orange zest. A cake of the Kings for the Epiphany, of beautiful flavors to start the year.
Galette des Rois by Michaël Bartocetti at Shangri-La
The pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti enchants us to the Shangri-La of a galette with a hazelnut of Piedmont. A crunchiness that binds to the frangipani, with splinters and praline hazelnut to the former. On the surface, a powder of melted caramel and a powder of saggar flower come cover this cake of Kings to the devouring charms.

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