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Hot Town, Summer in the City / Summer Happenings in Paris, June-August 2017

We are curious, eager to explore! We love sharing things which inspire us. That’s the way we appreciate good stuff. For Paris visitors in summer we have the following suggestions.


Paris is the capital of art in every form. A meeting point for all the arts. Galleries, museums and foundations, workshops. Paris hosts great art events this summer. Some of the exhibitions in Paris these days.

Dalida, a wardrobe from the city to the stage
The Palais Galliera opens the doors of the wardrobe of one of the most popular singers of France, Dalida. A privileged excursion among the fabrics and materials that took part in the phenomenon and aura of Iolanda Gigliotti, said Dalida. 250 outfits, from the city to the stage, gathered thanks to the gift of Orlando, brother and manager of the singer. A chronological staging that combines perfect sets of maiden and gala dresses. Gathered by song, the costumes are presented on mannequins that turn on giant vinyls. To the threads of the video extracts and the performances of the artist, the clothes come alive and animate to the rhythm of their successes. Dalida, a woman, a singer, an actress, a multi-artist, has inspired and carried the greatest couturiers, Balmain, Carven, Nina Ricci … A unique collection to discover at Palais Galliera , Fashion museum of the city of Paris until August 18th.

Dalida, a wardrobe from the city to the stage at Palazzo Galliera until 18 August.

The Photographic Action of Michel Journiac
The Photographic Action of Michel Journiac is illustrated in the rooms of the European House of Photography. A retrospective that brings together more than one hundred works of the photographer pioneer of the body art in France in the years 1970 and 1980 and that returns on its privileged themes, Traps, Rituals, Contracts and Icons. A beautiful way to interfere in the questions of Michel Journiac on identity, morals, religion or sacred imagery by a varied practice of photographic art. Without a priori, the lyrical force of his photographs is put at the service of a questioning of the body, existential object both artistic and social marker.
Michel Journiac, The Photographic Action, at the European House of Photography. Until June 18, 2017.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the power of flowers

From 26 April to 1 October 2017, the Museum of Romantic Life (La vie Romantique) presents “Le pouvoir des fleurs”, an unpublished exhibition devoted to the work of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, a major figure in early nineteenth-century floral painting called “Raphael” flowers “. A first in France for this botanist painter who illustrated with his watercolors on vellum the collections of the most important naturalists of his time while collaborating to identify and categorize the new plants of the time imported from the four corners of the world. The power of flowers, Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840), when art meets science at the Museum of Romantic Life
The second part of the museum invites the contemporary creation to vegetate space. Like a house abandoned, nature resumes its rights and invites itself on the walls and furniture of the museum. A contemporary exhibition of crafts, with a theme of floral design, which invests spaces in the permanent collection of the Museum of Romantic Life and its garden.
Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the power of flowers and Flowers of workshops, crafts courses at the Museum of Romantic Life. Until 1 October 2017.

À pied d’œuvre(s) at La Monnaie de Paris
La Monnaie de Paris celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Center Pompidou with À pied d’oeuvre (s). Twelve chapters and as many doors to cross the discovery of the artistic readings of the transition from verticality to horizontality that upsets the standards of sculpture of the 20th. An unprecedented journey in the rooms of the Monnaie de Paris, the sculptures escape from their pedestals and are interpreted on the floor. A return on several decades of sculptures that have constantly emancipated themselves from the codes to open up to the surrounding world, to integrate everyday objects or raw materials and to mix with the landscape until they embrace it form. Orlan’s performances that measure the distances of his body and symbolize his passage body measure at the readymade of Marcel Duchamps, until the rites of the Sacred Lands, a corpus of works to go from March 31 to July 9, 2017 at the Mint Paris.
À pied d’oeuvre (s) at La Monnaie de Paris, until 9 July 2017.

Olga Picasso at the Musée Picasso Paris
The Picasso Museum Paris dedicates an exhibition to the first wife and muse of the painter, Olga Picasso. Portraits, photographs, personal belongings retrace the life of this Ukrainian, a ballet dancer in Russia, who met Pablo Picasso in the spring of 1917 in Rome. A meeting that changed the life of the two lovers and which is told from March 21 to September 3 at the Picasso Paris Museum. A focus on the work of the painter from 1917 to 1935, punctuated by the correspondences between Olga and his family, the family archives, the birth of their sons Paul in 1921, their lives in the Rue de la Boétie, Their separation in 1935 and the afterlife. 350 works and as many memories that revive their memory and draw the portrait of Olga Picasso.
Olga Picasso exhibition at the Picasso Paris Museum until September 3, 2017.

Picasso Primitif at Musée du Quai Branly
Picasso always, the museum of the Quai Branly Jacques Chirac associates with the Picasso Museum Paris and opens the doors to the personal collection of the Spanish painter. Art of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, sculptures, totems, masks mingle with the creations of the painter and reveal the narrative between the work of Picasso and the Inspirations that surround it. Picasso Primitif at the Musée du Quai Branly, until July 23, 2017.

Gardens at Grand Palais
From March 15th to July 24th 2017, the Grand Palais goes green! A spring walk in the history of art immersed in sound and olfactory games, framing and scale effects for a lyrical journey punctuated by masterpieces by great artists, Fragonard, Monet, Klimt or, between Others, Picasso. Painting, sculpture, jewelery, a theme tackled under all the cuttings. Highlight of the exhibition Gardens at the Grand Palais, scenography that upsets the clashes and gives us to see the gardens from another angle, another perspective. The richness of the details, from the construction to the maintenance of the garden, is illustrated by an evolution related to brush strokes. A dialogue between the still image and the movement that is illustrated by the groves. With a final bouquet, a contemporary parenthesis that questions the garden of tomorrow and the different tracks to define the artistic, botanical, ecological and social outlines. Perfect for summer time.
Exhibition Gardens at the Grand Palais, until July 24, 2017.

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