Fairytale city of Marrakech

May the joy of the upcoming spring be with you. We will continue to come to you with heartwarming stories, inspiring ideas, places. Here is a fairytale story. A place where you can find kind people, cultural heritage, authenticity, warmness and peace of mind.
Lets get to know this magnificent city and read tips about Marrakech of Morocco.

For nearly a millenium, Marrakech has been glowing. The daily activity and hustle and bustle make this city unique. People milling about the souks day after day. And meeting in the evening over couscous or tanjia in Jamâa El Fna. Marrakech, a sunny and leisurely town is also filled with interesting encounters and history. Obviously, it’s been around for nearly a millenium…
The best way to understand the Red City is to visit it. In the medina, like in other areas, the buildings rise up and tell of a unique past. Just stop by El Badii Palace or Bahia Palace and imagine the past events that took place inside the palace walls. Or head over to the Majorelle Gardens and admire the architecture while enjoying the scents of the surrounding plants.

Imagine the city during the time of the Saâdiens by visiting their tombs and discovering the statues of the Seven Saints of Marrakech. Or put yourself in the shoes of a student at the time when Ben Youssef Medersa was an active Koranic school by visiting what is now the largest museum in the city.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the basin at the Menara Gardens or in the fabulous little gardens at Dar Si Said. History is all around. And admiring it is part of the fun. The city is diverse, filled with imprints from the various dynasties that have reigned here.

The flagship sites in Marrakech create the essence of the city. Breathe it in. Admire them. Discovering these places will provide an understanding as to why this city’s known as the Pearl of the South.

A real treasure in the heart of Morocco, the Red City is impressive, sure to leave a footprint in your mind. And if you don’t believe it, go for a visit.

Not to miss while you are in Marrakech

Mellah: A safe haven in the heart of the Medina

The beautiful Medina is known for to be a place where people coexist and share their best and worst days together, as they indulge in their cultural and architectural heritage. So what is the secret of this place, and what are its origins?
Mellah was once known as the district dedicated to the jewish community.
Once upon time Mellah ….
The Mellah was built back in 1558 by Moulay Abdallah, the Sultan of the Saadien has offered this district to the jews that escaped from spain, offering them a safe and secured home for their community, and also a way to take advantage of their artisanal skills.
This old part of the ocher city is known to have a large part of the architectural heritage that the city of Marrakech is known for, spreading through the 18 hectares of compartmentalized houses with the breath taking balconies, tucked in the massive walls that separate the jewish community from the muslim one, all without taking away from the accessibility of the district. Unfortunately, most of the jewish families have already left the Mellah, but they have left their trace, their traditions and beautiful art, the artisanal masterpieces that were picked up by the fellow Marrakchis and kept alive till this day…

Ali Baba’s cave
The Mellah is with no doubt one of the few places for you to find exquisite and rare articles, items, relics and very charming and ancient handmade pieces. Finding great deals, with the condition of being a good haggler. There are also different things to be found in this amazing district:
The tinsmiths’ square: This beautiful pedestrian street, situated between the Badii Palace and the Bahia Palace, it has gained its name from all the tinsmith shops located in this alley among the glassblowers and the ironworkers…
The Jewelers’ alley
Also known as “Kissaria”, this area has many little shops that sell different jewelries, from gold, silver, etc… they come in many shapes from the little hand “Khmissa” to the traditional wedding belts for women. There is also an auction that is held there every day at 16:30h.
The massive souk of spices: We easily find ourselves seduced and mesmerized by the large cones of the colorful spices, and their wonderful aroma, from Ras el hanout, paprika, cinnamon, cumin to saffron, a blend in smell and a blend in color that makes you want to purchase an unlimited supply of all the spices. These products are a great way to attract the newcomers and tourists, and of course a beautiful addition to your kitchen, as they come in reasonable prices.
The fabric market The shops are plenty, and they will satisfy all preferences, when it comes to your fashion sense as well as your colour preference. Various materials, and various designs… the shopkeepers also offer tailoring services to make whatever comes to your mind from traditional garment to cover-ups of different accessories…
The wonderful city of Marrakech has made an amazing blend between the two Jewish and Muslim communities, gathered in a very tolerant and safe atmosphere, and the fruit of that is the Mellah, a place where you will indulge in the artisanal and architectural masterpieces that both communities consider as their legacy.

Golfing in Marrakech
If you enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful Marrakech weather, why not hit one of the beautiful golf clubs in town?
Whether a beginner or professional golfer, the courses here are established and diverse. And we all know the benefits of golfing, like improves concentration, patience and self-control.
Shoot us a message for favourite places to tee-off. Grab your clubs and let’s go.

Art and Galleries
The city is an ideal setting for artistic events and a source of inspiration for many artists. Marrakech offers beautiful art galleries dedicated to painting, photography and history.
Galerie Design And Cook
An unexpected art gallery in the industrial area of the city, Design and Cook is a pleasant surprise to new-comers in the area. A serene and pure space, filled with artistic love and dreams, Design and Cook regularly hosts rich and diverse exhibitions, where creation and colour are the keywords.
Owner’s word
We describe artists chosen with taste, requirement and diversity. Bruno will welcome you with warmth and be attentive to your requests. We offer a wide selection of furniture and contemporary decoration, according to our models or “a la carte”. Exhibition renewed every week.

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