The Wilds of Scotland

Explore the wilds of Scotland, the land of whiskey, picturesque glens and more

If you would like to go through a once in a lifetime experience, we advise you to visit Scotland. Highlands has a lot to offer for every taste. We started our journey from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. We think you will be fascinated walking on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, exploring the gems of the city. When we arrived to Edinburgh, even only breathing the air of this Medieval city was enough to mesmerize us.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most significant places you shouldn’t miss. It is the famous icon of Scotland. The castle is situated on a 700 million year old extinct volcano, terrific if you think back the times when it was active. The oldest part of the Castle is St Margaret’s Chapel which was built in 12th century. The Great Hall is amazing, with its glittering walls decorated with weapons and armor.

Wandering around the parts of the Castle, you will have the opportunity to visit the Crown Room. The famous Stone of Destiny is displayed here together with the Crown jewels.

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After seeing the notable corners of Edinburg, we took our route towards the wilds of Highlands. We got on the Jacobite Steam Train to head north and amazed by the scenery going across the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Forth Bridge. This bridge is one of the important symbols of Scotland, which was opened in 1890. It was the longest cantilever bridge until 1919 when the Quebec Bridge in Canada was opened.

Along the journey we visited Culloden, the place where the Jacobites’ last stand took place against government forces in 1746. You will strongly feel in the air, the emotional atmosphere of the tragedy happened on this battlefield.

We ended the day at Fort Augustus at the banks of the mysterious Loch Ness. We are sure you have heard of Loch Ness already. Get ready to go on the boat and run after the famous Loch Ness Monster. Even if you cannot find it, you will absolutely get lost in the stunning beauty of the nature around you.

We strongly believe, nothing can replace waking up in the green and fresh air of the beautiful Fort Augustus town. When the time comes to get on the Jacobite train again, we were excited to continue our adventure.

This is one of the world’s greatest train journeys. It will definitely take you past Britain’s highest mountain, deepest loch, shortest river and most westerly station.

You will go past the famous Glenfinnen, where Harry Potter once travelled through. This is the viaduct you saw in Harry Potter movies, the scenic spot on Hogwarts Express.

We recommend you to taste the Scottish seafood for sure.

When the time comes to go back to the real life, it was very difficult for us to leave the scenic glens, wild hills and stunning lochs behind. We will continue to explore Scotland deeper for sure.

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